Een telefoonnummer opzoeken in een telefoonboek, bellen vanuit een telefooncel of muziek van de radio opnemen op cassettebandjes. Sweet memories… Vijftig dingen die we niet meer doen of misschien nooit hebben gedaan. 



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  1. Many of them are my happy-go-lucky everyday friend today.
    Interesting theme, not so well executed methinks.
    I miss, for example: waiting for mail to arrive over the post.
    Using “internal mail”-folders at work.
    How about this one: listening thru stupid commercials and inferior songs until that one favorite hit is played by the DJ. Usually at the end of the hour.
    Or: (love this one) no more whistling street workers. They all fiddle with their mobiles nowadays. (Maybe they snuck a pic of your best side and are apping it now to their unemployed friends, lol)

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